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Stretches To Relieve The Pain From Sitting Too Long at Home Work Desk

We understand that due to COVID-19 situation, many of you may be working from home & may be spending extended periods of time at desk. Sitting in one position over extended periods of time, can often put undue strain on our postural muscles; this can cause aches/pains due to musculoskeletal dysfunction. Here are some stretches that we recommend you do to minimize risk of injury.

Given stretches are quite easy to follow & can be done when you are at work desk. Also we recommend that it is ideal to avoid sitting for more than 20-30min at a stretch. If any pain/ache persists, you should get in touch with the physiotherapist to manage your injury from getting worse & chronic.

Overhead Stretch – Start in a seated position and interlock your fingers. Raise your arms above your head and rotate your hands so they are facing palm up. Push your arms upwards, feeling the stretch through your sides and shoulders. Hold this position before you relax and repeat the movement again.
Seated thoracic rotation – Sit upright in a chair and rotate your body round to one side, using your arms on the back of the chair to pull yourself round further. This should feel like a stretch through the torso.
Seated trunk flexion with legs apart – Sit up straight in a chair with your hands on your knees. Ensure your feet and legs are apart, creating a space for you to lean down between. Slowly bend forward over your thighs, reaching your hands down towards the floor. Hold this position, and then slowly return to the upright position, using your hands to assist you if needed
Seated cat & camel – Sit up straight with your feet flat on the floor, legs hips width apart. Bend your elbows so that your hands are in front of your shoulders, palms facing forwards. Inhale, pulling your shoulder blades together, arching your upper and lower back and moving your gaze up a little. Exhale, pushing your palms forwards, tucking your chin to your chest, rounding your upper and lower back and tucking your tail bone under. Inhale, pulling your shoulder blades back together, bending your elbows and arching your back again. Exhale, pushing your palms forwards and rounding your back again. Continue this motion at a steady pace.

When doing this routine ensure that all stretches are pain free & comfortable. Stretching can be done once or twice a day.

Contact Kinesio Physio or book online to see physiotherapist for any postural & musculoskeletal concerns that you may be experiencing & are unable manage with simple exercises’ routines.

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