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Foam Roller exercises when at home

Working from home & not being as active as you otherwise are, can often lead to poor postures (e.g, slouched sitting, sitting in chairs that are not ergonomically designed) &/or sustained postures (e.g., sustained sitting). It is good idea to often change your posture & avoid sustained positions. Using a foam roller to do simple, effective & functional movement exercises, is great option.
Here are three exercises that can be done using foam roller:
1. Thoracic Extension stretch on foam roller – Place a foam roll on floor. Lie back with the foam roll running directly down centre of your spine. Reach your arms out to sides, and bend your elbows to 90 degrees. Relax your forearms back towards floor behind you, and hold this position in a stretch for 30sec. Repeat a three times with 30sec between each stretch position.
2. Hamstring foam roll – Take foam roller & place it underneath the back of your thigh. Cross opposite leg over top in order to apply more pressure to movement. Lift yourself up onto your hands & roll forward & backwards along the hamstring muscle on the back of the leg. Do not roll onto the back of your knee with foam roller. Work your foam roller routine on sore spots or trigger points. Remember that though some discomfort is expected when you roll over trigger point, this technique should be pain free & comfortable.
3. Child pose on foam roller – Kneel down with a roller on the floor in front of you. Sitting back on your heels, stretch your arms forwards on the roller, dropping your head down between your shoulders. You should feel a stretch through your back, up in to your shoulders. Remember that though some discomfort is expected when you roll, this technique should be pain free & comfortable.

You should consult a physiotherapist, if you are unable to manage any aches/pains that may be experiencing & have tried simple exercises with no benefit.

At Kinesio Physio, we provide assessment, diagnosis & treatment for musculoskeletal & sports injuries. We are able to show you appropriate ways to managing your pain & do exercises to assist in injury-healing.

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