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Physiotherapist Practitioner

Claire believes in a holistic approach to musculoskeletal health & performance.

Her active lifestyle means she is a keen observer of movement patterns and believes in helping her patients who may demonstrate dysfunctional movements patterns.

She includes various treatments options towards injury management & rehabilitation including hands on therapy; her focus is also on mental and emotional well-being for her clients. She believes in the importance of individualising treatment plans to suit the patient needs. She is had opportunity to work closely with a well-known neurologist in her home state in Philippines where she completed her initial physiotherapy qualification; this is where she is gained experience into co-relation between neurological conditions & rehab. This has deepened her understanding of connections between nervous system & musculoskeletal system.

A fun fact is that Claire is a true Renaissance individual with a wide array of hobbies. When she’s not helping patients, you can find her capturing awe-inspiring moments through photography and cinematography. Her active lifestyle also includes engaging in activities such as surfing, skateboarding, surf skating, and archery. In addition to sports, Claire enjoys magic, darts, coding & languages.

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